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Trip Logbook

You have to keep a record of all your business kilometers travelled for tax purposes.

You've tried keeping a log sheet and pen in your car but forget to consistently record the mileage. Maybe you've tried a spreadsheet app on your phone. Capturing the details of business trips in these apps can be a real challenge when you're busy or in a hurry. What’s more frustrating is not finding the captured information later.

You usually visit the same places on a regular basis. Chances are that your mobile phone is with you everywhere you go. Why not make it work for you while you’re on the move?

The Trip Logbook app can automatically log your trips. You can then simply export your business travel log in the correct PDF format. You can also export your vehicle travel logbook in CSV format and import it into Microsoft Excel.

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Find My Family

Family is everything. Ensuring their safety is a top priority.
Did mom arrive? Where is Simon? Well, now you know – Find My Family!

The App gives a near real-time location view of family and friends with several useful features.

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